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Von Miller wants to stay with Broncos, but 'money talks'

Plenty of fans would love to see Von Miller with the San Francisco 49ers, but the money might make it unlikely. Von Miller discussed his future on The Ellen Show.

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champions, but they face several big decisions in the coming weeks. The future of Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler are high on that list, but even higher is getting something done with outside linebacker Von Miller.

The Super Bowl MVP finished the season with 11 regular season sacks, and then another five in the postseason. He is set to hit free agency following the end of his rookie deal, and there will be plenty of teams that would line up for his services. The Broncos would like to get a long-term deal done, but if they cannot do that, the franchise tag is all but a certainty.

Miller made an appearance on The Ellen Show earlier this week, and he said that while he wants to remain a Bronco for life, he also knows that "money talks." Adam Schefter reported that any long-term deal would be expected to surpassJustin Houston's 6-year, $101 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Some San Francisco 49ers fans have discussed the idea of trying to sign Miller. Of course, given the 49ers cap space, a lot of big names are being thrown around. Anything is possible, but I can't imagine seeing the 49ers adding such a big pass rushing option in free agency. Even if Miller was not franchised, I would not see it happening. The team does need to add to the pass rush, but I see it happening via the draft, with maybe one veteran depth addition as well.