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Raiders hire 49ers executive to develop Oakland stadium proposals

The Oakland Raiders announced on Thursday that they have signed a one-year extension of their lease at the Oakland Coliseum. The one-year extension buys both the Raiders and the city of Oakland more time to try and figure out a stadium deal.

If at the end of the coming season no deal has been made, the Raiders will then look to see what has or has not been finalized for the San Diego Chargers in Los Angeles. The chargers hold an option to move in with the Los Angeles Rams, but the option only lasts one year. If they decline it by next January, the Raiders then get the right to exercise the option.

Amidst all this is some interesting 49ers-related news about the Raiders stadium possibilities. The Raiders have hired Larry MacNeil to serve as their new point person for dealings with the city of Oakland, the Joint Powers Authority, and the county board of supervisors. Mark Davis commented on the hiring:

"He's coming on board to represent our interests in negotiations with the County Board of Supervisors, the JPA, and the City of Oakland," said Mark Davis.

"He'll be working with Mark Badain and our negotiating team to bring some experience as somebody who has built a stadium here in the Bay Area and understands the machinations and everything else. We feel he can be a useful resource for us."

As recently as today, MacNeil was listed as the 49ers executive vice president of development. He spent 12 years with the 49ers, and was a key figure in the development of Levi's Stadium. He was Chief Financial Officer previously, but moved over to the development role in 2012 so he could focus exclusively on getting Levi's Stadium opened. There have been some bumps along the way, but things worked out pretty well for him.

The Raiders also announced they will not raise ticket prices for the coming season. This is the 11th straight year the Raiders have maintained their prices. The cheapest season ticket is $225 (preseason plus regular season). For comparison, the 49ers cheapest ticket is $850, plus your stadium builders' license.