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USA Today goes with the big Chip Kelly, Colin Kaepernick prediction

The NFL season finished up less than a week ago, but that does not mean we can't have some wildly early predictions for the 2016 season. USA Today's sport's site For The Win put together "Six bold predictions for 2016", and they included the 49ers among their predictions. They decided to go with the "Colin Kaepernick will figure things out under Chip Kelly in 2016" prediction. Here is what they had to say about the prediction:

This is prediction is completely based on the magic Chip Kelly has worked with quarterbacks. And he's never had one nearly as talented as Kaepernick. Kelly got career years out of Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford, and none of those guys even really fit his scheme. Kaepernick will allow Kelly to unleash the full power of his offense. Defenses will have to respect the read option looks that they have been able to ignore over the least three seasons with slow footed quarterbacks running Kelly's offense.

Also, it hasn't been too hard making the Pro Bowl as a quarterback these last few seasons. Andy Dalton made the 2014 squad throwing 17 interceptions. Teddy Bridgewater made it in 2015 with just 14 passing touchdowns.

I suppose it would be less bold to say they part ways, so I guess this can certainly be bold. I still think he'll be playing somewhere else this fall, but I can't imagine that will stop the predictions from flowing fast and furious while Kap remains with the team.

If you're looking for less serious predictions, an ESPN writer put together amusing predictions for the next 25 Super Bowls. The 49ers were included in the Super Bowl 51 prediction:

Colin Kaepernick undergoes a career rebirth under new coach Chip Kelly, earning NFL Comeback Player of the Year honors and guiding the surprising 49ers to their first championship in 22 years. Free-agent acquisition Alshon Jeffery and rookie Laquon Treadwell, already established as one of the league's top receiving duos, gash the Patriots for 252 yards and three touchdowns.Carlos Hyde, back from a 2015 foot injury, bruises his way to 110 rushing yards as the 49ers wear out New England's defense with pace and muscle. Tom Bradyconnects with Rob Gronkowski for two touchdowns, but the Patriots fall just short. Delirious 49ers players dump a cooler of power smoothies over Kelly as time expires. Gronk and New England coach Bill Belichick are fined $25,000 each for missing the postgame news conference, which they skip in order to catch a Cancun-bound party cruise.