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Super Bowl 51 odds: 49ers remain long-shots

Shortly after the Super Bowl wrapped, Bovada released their first odds for Super Bowl 51. Five days later, they have made their first updates to those odds. The San Francisco 49ers remain the same odds at 50/1, but there have been a lot of other adjustments.

The New England Patriots are officially installed as the favorite to win Super Bowl 51. The Broncos were dropped from 9/1 to 16/1, while the Patriots were bumped from 9/1 to 15/2. The Broncos quarterback situation is a big question mark this offseason. They won the Super Bowl because of their defense, rather than because of Peyton Manning, but perception will remain something to consider.

The Steelers got a bump up, and if they can stay healthy will be a solid option next year. Of course, they'll need to work on improving a defense that struggled in a big way for stretches of last season.

A year ago, I placed the wager shown above, getting the 49ers at 66/1 when I was visiting Las Vegas at the end of training camp. There was at least one place that was offering up 100/1 odds, and looking back, I might as well have just lit my money on fire. I'll be back with another $10 49ers bet later this summer again, largely because at least it provides me with something to write about!

Team 02/12/2016 01/08/2016
Patriots 15-to-2 9-to-1
Broncos 9-to-1 16-to-1
Steelers 9-to-1 12-to-1
Panthers 10-to-1 9-to-1
Packers 10-to-1 12-to-1
Seahawks 10-to-1 9-to-1
Cowboys 16-to-1 16-to-1
Cardinals 18-to-1 14-to-1
Colts 20-to-1 25-to-1
Bengals 25-to-1 20-to-1
Vikings 25-to-1 25-to-1
Chiefs 28-to-1 25-to-1
Ravens 33-to-1 33-to-1
Falcons 40-to-1 33-to-1
Lions 40-to-1 33-to-1
Saints 40-to-1 33-to-1
Giants 40-to-1 33-to-1
Bills 50-to-1 33-to-1
Bears 50-to-1 40-to-1
Texans 50-to-1 40-to-1
Rams 50-to-1 50-to-1
Jets 50-to-1 33-to-1
Eagles 50-to-1 33-to-1
Chargers 50-to-1 50-to-1
49ers 50-to-1 50-to-1
Buccaneers 50-to-1 50-to-1
Washington 50-to-1 50-to-1
Jaguars 66-to-1 66-to-1
Dolphins 66-to-1 50-to-1
Raiders 66-to-1 66-to-1
Titans 100-to-1 66-to-1
Browns 150-to-1 150-to-1