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Learning a little more about free agent guard Geoff Schwartz

The New York Giants released right guard Geoff Schwartz earlier this week, and the veteran is now free to sign anywhere he wants at any time. Had he played out his contract this past year, he would have had to wait until the new league year starts on March 9 to sign a deal.

Schwartz grew up a 49ers fan, and worked with 49ers OL coach Pat Flaherty when the latter was coaching the Giants offensive line. It is as much a connection as you'll find to link Schwartz to the team. He has not been linked to any teams yet, but that should happen sooner rather than later. Even though he is a veteran who comes at a higher price tag even at the veteran minimum, he is still a talented offensive lineman.

I recently spoke with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. I asked for some thoughts about Schwartz in his two years with the Giants. Here is what Ed had to say. After that, I've embedded a podcast in which Schwartz discussed free agency, among other things.

Geoff Schwartz can be a good player, when healthy. Unfortunately, he was never really healthy during the two years he was with the Giants. He suffered a dislocated toe and then a broken ankle in 2014, playing in only two games.

In 2015 he was still dealing with issues related to the ankle but managed to play fairly well until suffering another fracture just above that ankle and missing the final five games.He would be limited to guard at this point, and prefers the right to the left, though he might not be able to be choosy at this point.

Schwartz is also a media presence. He is all over Twitter, does his own podcast, did a weekly radio appearance for a New York station, did draft work for SB Nation and more. Is it too much? I don't know. He isn't controversial but the media presence is part of the package that comes along with Schwartz.