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Niners Nation readers are very angry: poll results

It has been a tumultuous two years for 49ers fans. The fall from the top of the NFC was quick and clearly unforgivable for many of the Faithful.

During Super Bowl week a fan of the San Francisco 49ers made it onto a live broadcast of the NFL Network with a surprise "shout out" to Jed York. It was a funny and impulsive moment for the fan but apparently his feelings resounded with 49ers fans everywhere as it was shared over and over again.

I attached a poll to the article about this "incident" and in less than a week received over 5400 votes and a clear indication how 49ers fans feel about their owner, or at least those fans that read Niners Nation. No matter the conflict in the front office, or how difficult Jim Harbaugh may have been, fans are still resentful of what has happened to the franchise after three straight trips to the NFC championship game and a Super Bowl appearance.

It's going to take a lot to win back the respect of the fan base, and it looks like even a Super Bowl win won't bring forgiveness from a large portion of the poll participants. Will this feeling keep you from attending games? If not, are you a season ticket holder? What, if any, of your fan behavior has changed in the last two years? Being upset is understandable. What have you done to quell those feelings?