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Colin Kaepernick has cast removed for torn thumb ligament

Colin Kaepernick has been rehabbing his various ailments in Vail, Colorado, and there would appear to be some progress. Kaepernick has surgery on his right thumb, left shoulder, and left knee dating back to November. Kaepernick was seen wearing a black cast on his right hand at a Camp Taylor fundraiser over the weekend, but Matt Barrows is reporting he had the cast removed on Wednesday.

The thumb and knee are issues, but the shoulder sounds like the injury that will have the longest recovery time. The thought is that he will be recovered by April. His 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1. The 49ers have plenty of cap space to take the hit, but as always, we come back to whether or not he will be the starter this coming season. If not, the 49ers would seem unlikely to want to pay him starter money. Who knows at this point.

The bigger question then is if there is any sort of settlement figured out, or what exactly. Kap has kept quiet over the last couple months, but if the 49ers do ask for him to restructure his contract and he refuses, how ugly do you think this could get? Or we putting the proverbial cart before the horse for now?