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Super Bowl City might as well be called Super Bowl police state

The NFL set up "Super Bowl City" in downtown San Francisco, and naturally there is a lot of security present. The area around the Embarcadero has been shut down to traffic, and there is a significant security presence.

Wired put together a rundown of just the surveillance presence in place for the week. Government officials spoke to them, but obviously would not get into any specifics. The Department of Homeland Security classifies the Super Bowl as the second highest special event classifications. The 2002 Super Bowl was rated at the highest level (assignment usually reserved only for presidential inaugurations) because it followed the 9/11 attacks.

The Bay Area will feature numerous automatic license plate readers, collecting information without need for a warrant. There are also thousands of security cameras all around the Bay Area. The article said that many of the camera owners willingly register them with the police, which means make sure and smile a lot!

The article is very much worth a read, but if you don't have time for that, I can at least share with you some pictures of police in San Francisco sporting some serious hardware. I get that this is about showing a presence more than needing to actually use the guns, but this kind of militarization is certainly.....something.