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Colin Kaepernick trade rumor: QB wants out of 49ers, Jets are preferred destination

The San Francisco 49ers have a decision to make with regard to Colin Kaepernick's future in the starting lineup and on the roster. Now we have a Jets rumor in the mix.

It is only February 2, but the Colin Kaepernick situation could potentially get crazy sooner rather than later. New York Daily News NFL reporter Manish Mehta is reporting that Colin Kaepernick wants to part ways with the San Francisco 49ers this offseason. Mehta says his sources tell him the New York Jets are his preferred destination. His sources say the Jets are intrigued, but still in the early stages of their roster evaluation.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Kap, but it would not be surprising if he does in fact want out of the 49ers organization. Once Jim Harbaugh was out the door, it was not surprising that when things went south, he emerged as a scape goat. He certainly did not help himself with inconsistent play, but the 49ers did not exactly treat him like a guy you sign as a potential franchise quarterback.

Chip Kelly praised Kap in his opening press conference, but also made sure to measure it with praise for Blaine Gabbert as well. Jed York has offered up praise for Kap this offseason, but it remains to be seen if it is more a matter of boosting potential trade value. The 49ers have the cap space to retain Kap on his current deal, but if they do not think he can be the starter, it makes sense to try and work out some kind of arrangement. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Jets quarterback, but is not a significant long-term option.

Kap is currently rehabbing his assorted injuries, and so we will be left to wait on this process. The team cannot trade him until the new league year starts in March. They can release him starting Monday, but I would imagine any potential resolution is still a month or two away, at the earliest.