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Chip Kelly offense resource page

All of the resources on Chip Kelly's offense that you could ever want.

In the weeks since the 49ers hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach we've been diving deep into the composition of his offense to try and gain an understanding of what exactly Kelly does and what we might be able to expect in the 2016 season. And while we'll continue to have new Kelly content throughout the offseason, there are a bunch of excellent resources out there on his offense. Below is a collection of the best of those resources, including links to everything we've done here at NN.

Most of these resources are about Kelly's offense directly, from both his time at Oregon and Philadelphia. Others will provide more general information on different concepts Kelly happens to run, but won't cover his usage of the concepts specifically.

Feel free to drop additional links in the comments if you come across anything that we've missed here. And make sure to give this page a bookmark and check back from time to time, as we'll continue to update this throughout Kelly's tenure in San Francisco.

NN content

General offense

Run game

Pass game

Packaged plays