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Arik Armstead on Chip Kelly, 49ers young talent

The San Francisco 49ers reunited now second year defensive tackle Arik Armstead with his college coach when they hired Chip Kelly to be the next head coach. Armstead is taking part in Bleacher Report's "Uninterrupted" series, which provides professional athletes with a video forum to discuss various topics. Uninterrupted was financed and launched by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. Time Warner began investing in Uninterrupted late last year.

Armstead talks about the disappointment of last year's performance, and then talks about getting back together with Chip Kelly. He talks about being intimidated by him when he first arrived at Oregon. We won't see the inner-workings of the 49ers locker room when the offseason workout program begins, but I imagine Armstead will get a few questions from teammates, if he hasn't already. And I suspect Garrett Celek will be getting questions for his brother Brent, who spent time in Philadelphia with Kelly.