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2016 NFL mock draft database: How about a pie chart of 49ers picks?

We've got another way to look at mock drafts. Getting fancy up in here!

The 2016 NFL Draft is approximately nine weeks away, and an SB Nation writer has come up with an interesting way to look at mock drafts. We'll be updating our own mock draft database before the NFL Combine, but in the meantime, check out what Adam put together for SB Nation.

He put together a list of 44 mock drafts, and then turned them into a pie chart. He created some html for each of the team sites, which makes it easier to figure out the percentage of picks for each player. If you go to the link above you can see the full list of mocks, but if you scroll over the different sections of the pie, you'll see the names pop up.

Cal quarterback Jared Goff and Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell top the list. Carson Wentz and Myles Jack got some love as well, but the bulk of folks see the offensive pick happening. DeForest Buckner gets a little love, but we see more of Ronnie Stanley and Paxton Lynch than we do of defensive picks. What do you think? Is offense the most likely pick?