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2016 NFL Draft rankings: QB rankings from PFF, ESPN, CBS

We've got some quarterback rankings to compare. How do you see them after the top three?

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The 2016 NFL Draft features some big names at the quarterback position, but also a lot of players that have numerous question marks surrounding them. The San Francisco 49ers have questions at the quarterback position, and could end up picking a quarterback anywhere from seventh overall to late in the draft. I think most of us (well, a lot of us) expect them to draft a quarterback, but it's hard to predict when.

Pro Football Focus recently put together their quarterback rankings, and I figured that made it as good a time as any to do some comparing of rankings. I've put together a table with the top ten quarterbacks at ESPN, PFF, and CBS Sports. I've linked to each of them so you can see how they rank quarterbacks beyond the top ten. For the Vernon Adams crowd, ESPN ranked him No. 13 among quarterbacks (No. 208 overall), PFF included him in their list of undrafted free agents, and CBS Sports ranked him No. 14, and suggested he was a seventh rounder or undrafted free agent.

Carson Wentz and Jared Goff split the top two spots, with Paxton Lynch next on the list. Connor Cook and Kevin Hogan show up in all three, with the remaining quarterbacks showing up once or twice. How do you view the QBs compared to these three media sites?

1 Carson Wentz Jared Goff Jared Goff
2 Jared Goff Carson Wentz Carson Wentz
3 Paxton Lynch Paxton Lynch Paxton Lynch
4 Connor Cook Brandon Allen Connor Cook
5 Christian Hackenberg Matt Johnson Christian Hackenberg
6 Jacoby Brissett Brandon Doughty Dak Prescott
7 Dak Prescott Cody Kessler Cardale Jones
8 Cody Kessler Connor Cook Jacoby Brissett
9 Kevin Hogan Trevone Boykin Jake Coker
10 Brandon Allen Kevin Hogan Kevin Hogan