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49ers OL coach Pat Flaherty excited about Chip Kelly offense

The San Francisco 49ers offense will be something different from last year, and plenty of people are intrigued by the possibilities. It remains to be seen how it will all shake out, but at least it is something different. If you want to read more about Chip Kelly's offensive ideas, check out David Neumann's resource page.

An NN reader hit me up on Twitter recently after attending something called a Glazier Clinic. I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it is a series of coaching clinics all around the country. The read said 49ers offensive line coach Pat Flaherty was in attendance to talk about running game concepts and protection schemes.

Kevin had a chance to briefly speak with Flaherty, and got an interesting comment about the 49ers offense. Who knows how exactly it will all play out, but at least it probably won't be boring like last year.