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49ers to meet with Colin Kaepernick representatives during 2016 NFL Combine

Will Colin Kaepernick be back in 2016, released, or traded? This early meeting should get things moving in some direction.

The 2016 NFL Combine gets going Tuesday afternoon with the first arrivals, which means the assessment of draft prospects goes into high gear. However, most of the NFL descends upon Indianapolis this week, which means plenty of other business can get done. Contract negotiations pick up steam, tampering with free agents (well, their agents) is a thing, and trade talks usually happen as well.

The San Francisco 49ers have one slightly important piece of business that will keep them busy this week. Matt Barrows is reporting the team will meet with representatives for quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Two years ago Monday, we heard the first reports that contract negotiations had begun between the 49ers and Kap's agent. This time around, it will be a much different conversation.

The 49ers have the space to take Kap's $15.8 million cap hit, but if they do not think he will be the starter in 2016, I highly doubt they will want to pay him that much. This meeting will likely include an update on his medical status, but beyond that, it's tough to say. Will they come right out and suggest a pay cut? Will they begin discussions about a potential injury settlement to get him off the roster sooner rather than later? Or will it be an attempt to begin re-building the trust that has been damaged between the two sides? If the 49ers think he can be their starter in 2016, that will be an important part of the process. And however it goes, I'm sure somebody will leak something about it.