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Colin Kaepernick surgeon releases statement about 49ers QB recovery

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick underwent three surgeries over the last few months, and his surgeon is pleased with his progress. Dr. Peter Millett released the following statement:

"Colin is working very hard and is totally committed to being healthy and ready for next season. His work ethic and positive outlook are no doubt speeding his recovery."

Kaepernick underwent his surgery and is currently rehabbing at The Steadman Clinic, and they released this picture. He has been expected to be just about good to go sometime in April, but Dr. Millett seems to think he can push himself further along. Given that the 49ers are meeting with Colin Kaepernick's representatives this week, and his future remains up in the air, maybe this statement was released as a signal to other teams.

Either way, I would bet good money this is going to show up on the cover of every piece of promotional content they can develop for the foreseeable future: