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Colin Kaepernick open to returning to 49ers, per Ian Rapoport

The questions are, how serious is he about returning, does Chip Kelly want him, and what does Trent Baalke think?

The San Francisco 49ers are set to meet with Colin Kaepernick's representatives this week at the NFL Combine, which means we might slowly be approaching some kind of end game in this whole drama. Given that Kap is under contract to the 49ers, the discussion likely centers around one or more of a few areas: 1) re-building trust, 2) asking him to take a pay cut, and/or 3) figuring where he might like to be traded. I suppose a fourth could include just a generally feeling out process, but even that would likely involve some discussion of some of these topics.

On Monday, Ian Rapoport reported that Kaepernick is still open to potentially returning to the 49ers. I'm not overly surprised Kap's camp would put this out there. He's handled this situation well, not raising a stink even as negative information was leaked out about him from someone.

It will take work to re-build this relationship, but the decision to fire Jim Tomsula and hire Chip Kelly could bode well for his future in San Francisco. There have been reports Kelly inquired about a Kaepernick trade in the past. Nobody has really confirmed those rumors, so we are left to guess what Kelly may or may not want. For now though, the meeting will take place, and I'm sure we'll hear one or two tidbits about the meeting.