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Austen Lane shares some bizarre NFL Combine interview questions

The 2016 NFL Combine is officially underway, with the first prospects arriving on Tuesday. Things kick into high gear on Wednesday for this first group, but Tuesday evening brings a critical part of the process. Tuesday is the first day teams are allowed to schedule interviews with players. They can interview players in each group over three days, but there are limitations. I don't remember the exact number, but I think it is 30 or 50 interviews over the course of the week.

Former NFL defensive end Austen Lane went through the Combine process back in 2010 when he was a fifth round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars. On Tuesday, he shared some of the crazier questions he heard during his time Combine interviews. One of the big stories in the past was Dez Bryant being asked if his mother was a prostitute. Another included Gerald McCoy getting asked if he wore a g-string or a jock strap.

Lane shared a few questions that were odd, and one statement that I'd say was just a little bit prejudicial. For that first one, I wonder if I'm allowed to ask for context. I don't think I'd kill somebody just to kill somebody, but hey, you never know what some additional context might bring. I will say that the gun vs. knife is kind of an interesting one. A gun allows for great distance, while a knife usually requires a person be up close. That would seem to make it a little more personal. Takes a certain kind of crazy or intensity for that I would think.