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Malik Jackson looking for 5 years, $75 million, according to report

The free agent defensive lineman is in line for a sizable pay day, and it appears he is not holding back. I'm guessing the 49ers will not be partaking.

The San Francisco 49ers will be looking to add some depth to their defensive line this offseason, but odds are pretty good it will not include Malik Jackson. The Denver Broncos defensive end is due to hit free agency next month, and he might be looking for some serious money. A report out of Denver suggests the two sides are getting at least a little closer, but are still a ways off:

If these numbers are anywhere close to true, it seems unlikely that Jackson will be returning. They are currently $5 million per year apart. It is also possible (and very well likely) this is just some gamesmanship between the two sides. And if I'm the Broncos, I don't give in. This year's draft class is believed to have as much defensive line depth as any in recent memory, so it makes sense to find cheaper talent.

The San Francisco 49ers certainly have the cap space to give Jackson a huge contract, but I doubt we see them spend that kind of money on the defensive line. I could still see them extending Ian Williams, and adding talent through the draft. I don't expect them to spend big money on a single defensive lineman, but I could still see them adding more depth in free agency.