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Garrett Celek contract details start to leak out

We are starting to get some details about Garrett Celek's contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers. Here's what we know.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Garrett Celek to a four-year contract extension, and numbers are starting to trickle out. Ian Rapoport is reporting Celek's deal is worth $14 million, and includes $5 million in guaranteed money. We will be waiting for more details, specifically what is signing bonus and what is base salary.

The deal averages out to $3.5 million per year. That does not mean that will be the cap hit each year. Odds are decent he has a first year salary close to the league minimum that will be fully guaranteed along with his signing bonus. In the meantime, his $3.5 million average ranks just behind Garrett Graham's $3.75 million per year, and just ahead of Eric Ebron's $3,062,287 per year. Garrett's brother Brent has a deal averaging $4 million per year. See Over The Cap for more comparisons.

Celek's $5 million in guaranteed money averages out to $1.25 million per year over the four-year deal. For comparison, Celek's deal is just behind Brandon Pettigrew's guaranteed average per year of $1.3 million, and just ahead of Gary Barnidge and Lee Smith, who are getting guaranteed money averaging $1,083,333 per year.