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Mike Mayock pre-Combine 2016 NFL Draft transcript

The NFL Network draft analyst spoke extensively on Tuesday about the 2016 class of prospects. We've got a transcript.

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The 2016 NFL Combine is officially under way, and that means we got the annual Combine opener Mike Mayock press conference. The NFL Network draft analyst spoke for two hours on Tuesday, answering any and all questions about this year's draft class. The NFL Communications folks have a transcript of it, and I've embedded it down below. It's lengthy, but a good Wednesday morning read.

Mayock got one question about the San Francisco 49ers. Someone asked him about getting a quarterback at No. 7 if Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are off the board. He talked about Paxton Lynch, saying he reminds him of Joe Flacco coming out of Delaware. He said if you like Lynch you might have to grab him there, but he is a year or two away from playing, so you need to have a veteran in place in the meantime.

The conversation includes a lot of questions about specific team needs, but that allowed him to get into details about players at each of the position groups. It's very much worth a read.

Mike Mayock Combine Conference Call February 23 2016