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Carlos Hyde working out with Frank Gore in Miami, rehabbing foot

The San Francisco 49ers will be counting on Carlos Hyde for big things in 2016. Trent Baalke updated his status on Wednesday.

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke met with the media on Wednesday, and had a chance to discuss running back Carlos Hyde. After missing nine games with a foot injury, Hyde has been working his way back following a surgical procedure on his foot. Baalke said he is not game-ready yet, but he is making good progress and his foot is coming along.

The most interesting bit of information from Baalke was that Hyde has been down in Miami working out with Frank Gore. He obviously cannot do everything he might want to with the foot injury, but working with a guy like Gore strikes me as a pretty good piece of news.

The 49ers begin their offseason workout program in early April. My guess is Hyde will not be involved in all aspects of the program, but will have plenty of time to learn Chip Kelly's offense. Baalke said that Hyde is an ideal fit for Chip Kelly's offense. Former Eagles scout John Middlekauff tweeted this after that comment:

It's been two years since Hyde was drafted, but it is still an interesting piece of information to keep in mind. It is worth noting that Middlekauff was no longer an Eagles scout when Hyde was drafted. Middlekauff likely has plenty of sources still with the Eagles, so it is something to at least keep on our radar.