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Bears expected to retain Alshon Jeffery through extension or franchise tag

There has been some speculation that the Chicago Bears might let wide receiver Alshon Jeffery test free agency, but that appears to be unlikely. Adam Schefter is reporting the Bears are expected to either work out a long-term deal with Jeffery, or designate him as their franchise player. The Bears general manager told media on Wednesday that the team is "actively and aggressively negotiating right now."

It is not surprising the team is expected to retain Jeffery in some form or fashion. He's the best wide receiver that could potentially hit the market. Marvin Jones and Travis Benjamin are both solid options in free agency, but Jeffery is on a distinctly separate level from them. The hamstring injury is a bit of a concern, but a full offseason should have him ready to go in the fall.

If Jeffery is tagged, I highly doubt a team will try and give up two first round picks for him. The 49ers could use a No. 1 receiver, but I don't see it happening with Jeffery. The 49ers will still get a chance to check him out in the fall when they travel to Chicago to face the Bears.