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Trent Baalke on what Quinton Patton must improve in 2016

Quinton Patton is a favorite of many 49ers fans, but he has yet to fully emerge as a wide receiver. General manager Trent Baalke touched on where Patton must improve as a pass catcher.

The San Francisco 49ers have some questions at the wide receiver position with Anquan Boldin due to hit free agency, and DeAndre Smelter's recovery from a torn ACL something to track. On Wednesday, Trent Baalke was asked what he expected from Quinton Patton in 2016.

Patton questions are not exactly a frequent topic of conversation for Baalke, so it was interesting to hear what he thinks about the young wide receiver. His comments were not exactly surprising, but he did give us at least a little more detail on the team's thoughts about Patton. Baalke said he has developed into a core special teams player, but he needs to work on his route running.

Here's the full quotation on Patton:

"I think I mentioned earlier, Quinton did some awfully good things. Really stepped up on special teams and became one of our core special teams players. When he got an opportunity, made some plays. I think the big thing for him is consistency, especially in the route trees and getting on the same page within the offense and with the quarterback. But, he's probably the most energetic player I've ever been around. The guy can run nonstop all day long and always comes to compete. So, we're expecting him to take another step forward."