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Quinton Dial contract extension worth as much as $16.5 million, has $3.2 million signing bonus

Time to run down what we know so far about the Quinton Dial contract extension.

The San Francisco 49ers locked up Quinton Dial with a contract extension on Wednesday, as the team announced he signed a three year deal. Ian Rapoport had some early numbers, and I have been able to confirm those, as well as add the signing bonus to it.

The deal is worth $12 million, and includes incentives that could bring it up to $16.5 million. It is my understanding the incentives include some mix of sacks and playing time. They might include postseason honors as well, but I am not sure. it is possible some of those will end up as unlikely to be earned incentives.

The deal has $5.3 million in guaranteed money, and a source told me the deal includes a $3.2 million signing bonus. That likely means there are $2.1 million in base salary guarantees. We don't know the base salaries or roster and workout bonuses yet. Given that the signing bonus will be paid now, it prorates over four years and not just three. The deal is for three years, but it is attached to the end of the deal. That means the signing bonus prorates over those three years, plus the 2016 season on his rookie deal. That means it will account for $800,000 against the cap. When we have the base salary and roster/workout bonus figures, we'll let you know.