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49ers provide some happiness to homeless man in New Jersey

The San Francisco 49ers had a rough year this past year, but obviously in the bigger scheme of things, losing some football games is not really a big deal. The 49ers were able to bring a little happiness to a new Jersey homeless man recently. Ronald Leggatt lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, and was recently the butt of a stupid joke by a few morons. They asked him if he would pour coffee on himself for $5. Just because he's a homeless person and they thought they could get some cheap laughs.

People learned about it, and a couple GoFundMe sites were created (onetwo). They've raised money to get him some temporary housing in a hotel, and help with living expenses.

It turns out, the man is a lifelong 49ers fan. Recently, the team learned about the situation and sent along a box of merchandise. He was extremely excited about it, and you can watch some video below. The 49ers gear is certainly a plus, but hopefully getting some help with the donations will help him start to get back on his feet. Maybe it won't, but getting him some semblance of even a little bit of security is a good thing.