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Jared Goff hands measure in at 9 inches, Carson Wentz at 10 inches

Hand measurement remains all the rage. We've got numbers for Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

Welp, we finally get some resolution to this long national crisis. The Combine quarterbacks are undergoing their various measurements on Thursday, and Jared Goff had his hands measured. They came in at 9 inches. For comparison, Alex Smith's hand measurement was 9 3/8, Aaron Rodgers was 9 3/8, and Colin Kaepernick's was 9 1/8.

Hue Jackson said on Wednesday that hand measurement is important to him with the Cleveland Browns because of the inclement weather conditions among AFC North teams. If that's his decision, so be it, but the hand issue seems overblown at times. Apparently 9 1/8 is considered "ideal" by some, but as we saw with Alex Smith, that is not always the case. It amuses me that Rodgers and Smith measured in the same, but Smith was viewed as having small hands, and Rodgers was not (at least as far as I can recall).

Whatever the case, it is going to be fascinating to see if this becomes a thing on draft day. For comparison's sake, Carson Wentz's hand measurement was 10 inches. Make of that what you want.