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Broncos optimistic about 'mega-deal' with Von Miller

The Denver Broncos have some big decisions to make this offseason, but they reportedly feel pretty good about one of them. Ian Rapoport is reporting sources feel optimistic the team can get a deal done with outside linebacker Von Miller. The two sides apparently met up in Indianapolis, and the team is prepared to push for the proverbial "mega-deal" that will make Miller one of the top paid defensive players in the game.

The Broncos have until March 1 to decide on their franchise tag. If they cannot get a deal done with Miller, they would likely need to use the tag on him. However, if they get the deal done, they could then use the tag on Brock Osweiler, if they were so inclined. Rapoport previously reported the Broncos would "do everything they possibly can to make sure [Osweiler] doesn't hit the market."

If the Broncos get Osweiler tagged, or get a deal done before he hits free agency, that would close out a QB option, as well as a destination. Peyton Manning remains in the mix in all this, but I suspect he retires or ends up released and elsewhere in 2016.