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Anthony Davis to apply for reinstatement for 2016 season, per Adam Schefter

This reinforces what Davis has tweeted multiple times over the past year.

Things are starting to happen. Anthony Davis is set to formally apply for reinstatement, according to Adam Schefter. Davis has tweeted his plans to return over the last year, but he has yet to formally apply for reinstatement. He previously tweeted about returning in April, which likely means he wants to be back for the start of the offseason workout program.

Trent Baalke has gotten multiple questions about Davis over the offseason, and each time he says no reinstatement had happened yet. Baalke won't be speaking with the media again likely until the day after the first round of the draft, but I'm sure he'll get a question or two then.

Knowing that Davis is applying for reinstatement now will help the team figure out its offensive line needs heading into free agency and the draft. Trenton Brown showed some signs as a right tackle, but he still needs to further develop. If Davis does apply for reinstatement, he would likely compete for a spot at either right tackle or right guard. I suggest both because there is no guarantee he slots right back into the starting lineup.