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Teams talking to Myles Jack about linebacker, safety positions

The San Francisco 49ers have been connected with UCLA linebacker Myles Jack in the month leading up to the NFL Combine, and he finally got a chance to speak on Friday. I'll add a link to his transcript later today, but in the meantime, he had some interesting comments.

The most notable comment was that teams have talked to him about potentially playing safety. Jack said he would line up wherever teams wanted him to play. He measured in at 6'1, 245 pounds. That is great size for a linebacker, but seems a bit big for a traditional safety role. Of course, the 49ers could very well draft him and occasionally move him into a big nickel type of role. Jaquiski Tartt did some of that in 2015 before taking on the strong safety role following Antoine Bethea's injury. Jack is 23 pounds heavier than what Tartt weighed in at the 2015 NFL Combine.

Jack also said his rehab is coming along, and he expects to be 100 percent by the time UCLA's Pro Day takes place on March 15. Jack tore his meniscus in September, and has been rehabbing ever since. He has sounded quite optimistic about his recovery, and so we'll wait and see what March 15 brings. Here is a breakdown of his specific meniscus tear, and how the timeline worked compared to other meniscus injuries.