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2016 NFL Combine workouts: Time, live stream, quarterback prospects to watch

Niners Nation's Jake Narayan has a look at quarterbacks of note participating in the 2016 NFL Combine.

Yesterday we saw the running backs, offensive lineman and special teamers all take the field. Today, the wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends will show what they have to offer. With a vast amount of speculation on what the 49ers will do at all three of these positions, I come to you with a scouting report on both the highly-touted and the underrated prospects that will be showcasing their skills today, along with a list of other names you should be looking out for. We'll start things out with the quarterbacks.

How to watch

2016 NFL Combine
Location: Indianapolis, IN | Lucas Oil Stadium
Time: 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM PT
Channel: NFL Network
Live StreamNFL Now

Jared Goff, QB, California - 6'4", 215 lbs. *QB08

Strengths: To play quarterback in California's "bear raid" offense you are required to make decisions quickly and get the ball out extremely fast, something Goff has no trouble with. His arm strength flies under the radar -- most of the scouting reports on Goff say he can't throw the deep ball, but his ability to throw to the far sideline from the opposite hash is something else. Moreover, there is no one I would rather have in in the clutch in College Football than Jared Goff. Considering he's a very young quarterback, aged just 21, the junior stays exceedingly calm and performs well when the pressure is closing in on him. While not retaining great speed, Goff is exceptionally shifty in the pocket. His sneaky athleticism and quick feet in short areas allow him to extend plays while keeping his eyes down the field (veteran trait) to locate an open target.

Weaknesses: The biggest negative on Goff is his slender frame, resulting in questions regarding his durability at the next level. With a relatively paltry weight of 215 pounds, scouts worry he may get rattled easily and become an injury-prone QB. Another facet of Goff's game that leave scouts wary is the arm strength to toss the ball 45+ plus yards down the field. However, if Goff adds weight to essentially fill out his frame this could alleviate that issue. I have no trouble with Goff being a slender athlete in the NFL, he proves his mettle on the fact that he gets the ball out of his hand within the blink of an eye.

Draft Projection: 1st

Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State - 6'6", 231 lbs. *QB17

Strengths: The FCS quarterback from North Dakota State will likely be the first quarterback to be selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Carson Wentz, a redshirt senior from Bismarck, North Dakota, is arguably the best prospect at the quarterback position, California's Jared Goff being the other. Wentz has an ideal frame, standing at 6'6", 231-pounds, benefiting him when playing in cold conditions. Carson has great stature, rarely exits a clean pocket and stays calm and composed when under pressure. Wentz has a freakishly strong arm, puts great spin on the ball, and is remarkably accurate. He can sling the deep ball with no limitations, shows very impressive touch, and climbs the pocket very well.

Weaknesses: No matter how promising a quarterback looks, there will always be negatives. The biggest one by far for Wentz is his slow decision-making. He often tries to force passes in windows that are unrealistic in the NFL. I also notice he holds the ball too low in his stance; if raised, it can elevate the speed of his release (which will be needed in the NFL).  Another negative on Wentz is his lack of experience. While at North Dakota State, he was not a multiple-season starter and did not face elite talent on the defensive side of the ball.

Draft Projection: 1st

Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana - 6'6", 240 lbs. *QB16

Strengths: The senior ranks second all-time with a 60.6 completion percentage at Indiana. One thing that all scouts will tell you is that Sudfeld (6'6", 240 lbs) hands-down passes the eye test, with flying colors. Every single measurable you want in a quarterback is right here. Sudfeld's arm strength is by far the best facet of his game. Goodness does he have a cannon, much like the one of Ravens franchise quarterback, Joe Flacco (pro comparison). His presence and poise in the pocket are out of this world, which is hard to find nowadays considering the talent that comes off the edge and up the middle on defense.

Weaknesses: Nate's biggest downside is his inconsistency whenever he takes the field, and that's not something you can just blow over, especially when you play in the National Football League. On one play Sudfeld will throw a dime that seems nearly impossible, then the very next play will be a ball in the dirt to a wide-open receiver. Moreover, he is also a one-read type of player, meaning if his WR1 is not there he will not go through his progressions. Overall, I would hands-down take the risk on Sudfeld late in the draft.

Draft Projection: 6th-7th

Other notable quarterbacks

Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State *QB14
Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon *QB01
Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State *QB05
Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford *QB10
Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State *QB09