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Jared Goff impresses in throwing drills with Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke on hand

The Cal quarterback is expected to go in the top ten of the 2016 NFL Draft, and a strong Combine showing should only help. The question now is who will grab him, and who will grab Carson Wentz.

All the quarterbacks except Cardale Jones (injured hamstring) are going through the throwing drills at the 2016 NFL Combine, which is something we don't always see. Often times some of the quarterbacks will choose to wait for their Pro Day to throw because they want to be with receivers they know, in a facility they have spent time at over the years.

The quarterbacks were divided into two groups, and Cal QB Jared Goff was part of the first group. I did not get a chance to watch, but two reports from Indianapolis offered much praise for the quarterback. 49ers beat writer Cam Inman put together some thoughts on Goff's performance, and CBS Sports draft analyst Rob Rang offered up his as well.

It sounds like Goff looked particularly good in his drop-backs, which is something he had to work on following a career that involved a lot of shot-gun work. There will likely be plenty of shotgun opportunities in the NFL, but it was important for Goff to show he could work from under center as well.

Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke were on hand for the performance. Kelly was timing quarterbacks, so obviously he would be around checking out workouts. He's talked about the importance of game film in the past, so I don't anticipate a single strong day changing everything for him. The drop-back work is important to consider, so we'll see what his Pro Day brings as well.