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Tom Brady signs contract extension, could put Jimmy Garoppolo on the market

The New England Patriots locked up their franchise quarterback for two more years. Might they decide to deal away Jimmy Garoppolo now?

The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of trying to figure out their quarterback situation, and a new situation could make the quarterback market a little more interesting. The New England Patriots have agreed to terms on a 2-year contract extension with Tom Brady, according to Adam Schefter. The quarterback had previously been signed through 2017, and this deal locks him up through 2019.

It is entirely possible the Patriots release Brady before the end of the deal, but the timing of this is interesting. The team drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014, and his rookie deal ends in 2017. The team cannot extend him until after the 2016 season. Garoppolo appeared in six games as a rookie, completing 19 of 27 passes for 182 yards and a touchdown. He appeared in five games in 2015, completing 1 of 4 passes for six yards.

At this point, it seems unlikely that Garoppolo will want to re-sign with the Patriots. It is possible he is fine just taking a small pay day, but I would have to think he actually wants to compete for a starting role. He will not be competing for a starting role for the rest of his current contract. And so, I have to think the Patriots try and work out a trade at some point. They could just hang onto him and ride out the deal, but with this Brady extension, I would think the Patriots are more likely to deal Garoppolo for a decent draft pick.

I am not expecting the 49ers to deal a high draft pick for Garoppolo. It is possible, but seems unlikely at this point. However, someone might be willing to make a deal, and that impacts the Colin Kaepernick market. It will be something to track as the new league year gets started next week.