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Eddie DeBartolo probably would have had Bill Walsh present him for Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will formally induct former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo this August, and he has said his eldest daughter will present him. Prior to each honoree providing their acceptance speech, someone introduces them. That person discusses their accomplishments, and the relationship they had with the individual. It can make for some very touching moments.

DeBartolo has been making the rounds doing radio interviews, and he had some interesting comments with Clark Judge. DeBartolo discussed his own decision for presenter, and why he settled on his daughter. He acknowledged that if Bill Walsh was still alive, he probably would have been the choice.

"Well," he said on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast, "it was really easy ... but very tough. I presented Joe (Montana) and. God rest his soul, Bill Walsh. If Bill was alive it would have been a decision that would have been difficult ... and probably would have been Bill. But I decided with the people I did induct ... and, obviously, Joe Montana is a close, dear friend of mine; in fact (I talked to him last week) ... but I decided that, rather than try and wade through a lot of things and maybe hurt feelings or do this or do that, I thought the best decision would be my eldest daughter Lisa Marie."

It makes sense to go with a family member, and going with the oldest daughter simplifies the potential conflict. I could have seen Joe Montana happening. He was a key cog in the dynasty, and is sort of an extension of Bill Walsh to some degree. Carmen Policy also could have made some sense as well. But in the end, it makes sense to go with family.