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Rams have discussed signing Peyton Manning if he is released

Would it make sense for Peyton Manning to check out Los Angeles as a potential final destination?

Super Bowl 50 is still a few days away, but the crazy rumor season is already developing some legs. We already heard a report that Colin Kaepernick wanted out and preferred the Jets as his next destination. Now, we can add some crazy quarterback speculation elsewhere. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the Los Angeles Rams have had internal discussions about signing Peyton Manning this year, if he is released by the Denver Broncos.

Manning's status has been up in the air since he was first benched for Brock Osweiler. The past week and a half has featured reports that Manning has hinted to family that he is going to retire after this season. Manning denied having a decision figured out yet, but I have to think he's already leaning one way or another. And winning the Super Bowl this Sunday could make it that much easier to walk away.

If Manning decides he wants to play another year, it will be interesting to see what the Broncos do. It is never easy parting ways with a significant veteran, but it is the way of business in the NFL. I would be surprised if Manning was playing for the Broncos next season. I think he ends up retiring, but it would not shock me if he decided to stick around a little while longer.

The Rams do have serious quarterback issues, but so do quite a few other teams. In spite of Manning's age and 2015 struggles, I could see a decent market for him if he is released. One reason the Rams could make sense is the potential they have to combine a great defense with a great running back. Manning will need both of those things if he continues playing in 2016. The Rams have plenty of other issues to figure out, but they can at least offer that.