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Clarifying Brandon Marshall's comment about Colin Kaepernick on First Take

I should just ignore ESPN's First Take, given how awful the program is, but people are asking about some comments Brandon Marshall made about Colin Kaepernick and the Jets. It should surprise nobody ESPN is promoting nonsense.

I have generally managed to spend much of my recent adulthood avoiding First Take. The ESPN show is arguably the worst thing ever created for TV, and I will admit to having seen episodes from "The Real Housewives" series. First Take spews garbage, and ESPN hustles it out there to the masses. I get that people watch "to see what SAS or Bayless" will say next.

I bring this up simply to clarify nonsense that ESPN is promoting.

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was on First Take to discuss whatever it is athletes go on to discuss. I did not see it, but quite a few people mentioned it to me on Twitter. ESPN was tweeting out that Brandon Marshall said, "I don't want Kaepernick." They linked to the video, but did not tweet any further context.

Marshall First Take Kaepernick

I had Pat Holloway give it a watch, as I am on a plane flying to San Francisco right now and cannot watch streaming video. Pat put together this transcript. I will not link to that garbage, but figured since people are inquiring about it, we might as well clarify what Marshall said.

Yes, Marshall did say he did not want Kaepernick. However, his comments were more about wanting Ryan Fitzpatrick back. Fitzpatrick had a career year this season, and Brandon Marshall benefited in a big way, having a career year. He had a career high 14 touchdowns, and his 109 receptions and 1,502 yards were both the second best numbers of his career. Obviously he wants to have the guy back who helped him reach that point. And if the Jets do re-sign Fitzpatrick, I can't imagine Marshall would want to mess with that chemistry by saying he'd prefer another quarterback.

Here's the full transcript, along with the usual disclaimer to never watch First Take.

Skip Bayless: How much better is Jay Cutler than Ryan Fitzpatrick? 
Brandon Marshall: Oh really? So I will say this, I think Jay Cutler is a top 5 talent with his arm he's super smart, you know that Vandy guy (Vanderbilt). You know, for some reason it hasn't all come together, I mean he's had so many offensive coordinators, so many different wide receivers. Ryan Fitzpatrick, I think this second half of his career is going to be an amazing one, because he's with this guy Chan Gailey, he's comfortable, he really owns this offense and that's what you want out of the quarterback position. Um ye--
Stephen A Smith: Stop right there. Kaepernick.They're saying he may want to come to New York. How do you feel about that?
Marshall: Aw, I don't want Kaepernick. [crowd erupts] I think he's good, my guy's Fitz. It's nothing against Kaepernick. 
Skip: and your guy used to be Geno when you first got there 
Marshall: Of course, and he's still my guy. But what I'm saying is, I have my quarterback, I'm good.