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New report says Colin Kaepernick-Jets rumor is not true

Welcome to the world of dueling anonymous sources. 20 paces at dawn, first to draw their cell phone wins!

Dom Cosentino of New Jersey Advanced Media is reporting a source familiar with the Colin Kaepernick situation says there is no truth to the rumor. "No," the person said. "Nothing. No idea where it came from. Random, strange article."

The article he was referencing was Manish Mehta's Tuesday evening report that Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco, and his preferred destination is the Jets. As some have said, his girlfriend works in New York. I suppose it is certainly possible that is the reason, but I also am not inclined to think too much about that kind of soap opera-ish stuff. Particularly given that we don't know who exactly is leaking this stuff.

As with a lot of these leaks, I'd be fascinated to know who Cosentino's source is that is "familiar with the situation." Obviously we'll likely never know, but I'm still curious. The first report could have come from Kap's agent, or potentially the New York Jets trying to leverage Ryan Fitzpatrick (I would think the former is more likely than the latter). This second report is odd. Mehta's report would seem to indicate Kap's side of things, so I don't see the latter's story coming from the Jets.

The one takeaway I can say with certainty? I feel like a dog chasing my own tail.