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49ers cancel Girl Scout sleepover at Levi's Stadium, replace with concert

The San Francisco 49ers continue to struggle with image problems. The latest involves the Girl Scouts. Mike Rosenberg reported on Wednesday that the stadium had booked the Girl Scouts for an event in May, but have decided to cancel it because they were able to book an event that could net more revenue. It will be a concert for an act yet to be determined. The Girl Scouts were going to hold a sleepover at the stadium, which is something more and more baseball and football stadiums are doing.

Yep, the 49ers decided to pull the plug on the Girl Scouts, and crush their chance at a fun time.

Let's clarify a couple things right off the bat. The stadium authority sells events, but they have contracted the Forty Niners Stadium Management Company to handle the sales. Second, the team's contract with the Girl Scouts included a clause that let them do this without it being a breach of contract. So, yes, the 49ers were allowed to do this.

Now that we got that of the way.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The 49ers image has taken some hits since moving into Levi's Stadium, whether it be issues at the stadium itself, the problems with the local youth soccer leagues, and now the Girl Scouts. The article said the team offered the Girl Scouts some dates in July to make up for the event, but the Girl Scouts decided against it because they were worried about another cancellation.

The whole thing just is a bad look, no matter what the context of it is. Oh, and a little more context? On Tuesday, Jed York tweeted out this photo. You can't make this kind of stuff up.