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49ers reach resolution with Girl Scouts, release statement

I don't think I ever anticipated writing that headline. The San Francisco 49ers reached a resolution with the Girl Scouts after a ruckus was raised over the cancellation of a Girl Scout sleepover at Levi's Stadium. The girls will be allowed to sleep over a week later, with the 49ers underwriting the costs

The 49ers were allowed to cancel the event, but it obviously did not go over well on a PR front. It was obviously "just business", but given the 49ers image issues over the last 18 months, it is not surprising people would look at this in a negative light. It is a defensive response, but it is better than ignoring the problem entirely, so that's something.

Here is the 49ers statement on the resolution:

"We are very pleased to have agreed upon a positive resolution with the Girl Scouts of Northern California regarding the scheduling conflict at Levi's Stadium. Their event is now scheduled to take place at the venue on May 21, 2016, one week later than originally scheduled. Additionally, the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to underwrite the entire cost of the event and have guaranteed that it will not be moved from that date. It is unfortunate that scheduling conflicts of this nature arise from time to time, but we are dedicated to working through all hurdles with our customers to deliver satisfactory options. The 49ers organization has had a great relationship through the years with the Girl Scouts and we are thrilled to welcome them to Levi's Stadium."