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What do you think was the best 49ers play of the year?

Was it a Carlos Hyde run, a Torrey Smith touchdown or a NaVorro Bowman tackle? Let us know.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody can confuse what happened in 2015-16 as an overall positive for the San Francisco 49ers. The franchise regressed as a whole in so many different ways and trying to find a silver lining is a pointless endeavor. That isn't to say that the on-field action was totally devoid of high points, however.

Running back Carlos Hyde had some pretty great runs early on in the season before he suffered a foot injury, while Rugby League convert Jarryd Hayne captured our imagination with a couple clutch plays in space. Colin Kaepernick even had a couple great runs and a could good touchdowns before he gave way to Blaine Gabbert who, managed to hook up with wide receiver Torrey Smith enough times to get everyone excited for his future in San Francisco's offense.

Smith's, not Gabbert's, for the record!

I've decided I'm going to run a contest for the best and worst plays of the 2015-16 49ers season, including the preseason because why the heck not? For this post, I'd like to discuss the good plays, the ones that really stood out as positives for the 49ers. It doesn't have to be a huge gain, a big interception or a scoring play. It can be a vicious block, a smart, heads up play or anything along those lines.

Bonus points for anything that inspires the heck out of you, like the one above. Anyway, I'm going to run this contest and I haven't settled on a specific format just yet. What I need from all of you is to tell me what plays you have in mind for positives. Just nominate specific plays in the comments, preferably as detailed as you can, and I will go back, make a GIF of each play, and we'll have a showdown to see what wins the best play of the year for the 49ers.

Sure, there's plenty to highlight on the negative side -- Vance McDonald has a full highlight reel of drops and Vernon Davis, let's not even talk about him. And we'll get to that a bit later, when I do a post for negative plays. For now, keep it to the best plays.