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Drew Rosenhaus offers no comment on Anthony Davis situation

I have been wandering around the Super Bowl media center today, and one of the perks of the center is that you will run into all sorts of random people. On Thursday, Drew Rosenhaus was walking through the media lounge. He represents several members of the San Francisco 49ers, including sort of retired offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

Upon seeing him, I figured I might as well ask for a comment on Davis' status. He said they were not commenting on his status.

I suppose that is effectively a non-story, but it's a rare opportunity to chat with a proverbial mover-and-shaker, so I thought I would share. I have to think if Davis is going to return, we'll hear something more concrete between now and April 4, when the 49ers' offseason workout program begins. I believe Davis formally filed retirement papers, and will need to formally file again to "unretire." I would think the 49ers would like some kind of confirmation before free agency gets going in March.