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Throwback Thursday: 49ers Super Bowl blowouts are fun

I don't choose what Throwback Thursday video/historical moment will be featured. Throwback Thursday (and news of the week) demands what goes up here and I comply. I am Throwback Thursday's yes-man, puppet, and hand picked stooge to bring you a 49er historical nugget. Throwback Thursday owns me, not the other way around.

This week, awesomeness was in high demand. The San Francisco 49ers may not be in a Super Bowl, and some may think that's good since some of the Super Bowls they play in are boring as hell...unless you're a fan of the 49ers, then it's the greatest show on earth. This game is a good example.

In case you didn't know, the Denver Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl, and you probably remember the 60 minute tango they had with the 49ers in 1990. A 51-10 thumping that probably led to one of the better initial seasons for new coach George Seifert. In an episode of "America's Game", someone makes a comment about how Seifert had to get a certain sweater rushed delivered to New Orleans where the game was held.

This is all four quarters, the full 60 minutes. The NFL has a video up of some of the rampage, but they are mighty stingy about sharing their YouTube videos. If you have three hours or need some background noise, you can do much worse than watching one of the greatest football games ever played.

I like to think Joe Montana is watching that game in the picture I choose for this, pointing at everything and laughing at how good he was.