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Joe Montana and Bay Area greats involved in SB50 coin toss

The 50th Super Bowl is bringing all of the Bay Area football greats together again

With the Super Bowl in the Bay Area, many local football legends have already been seen frequenting several of the events surrounding the "Golden Game." Many have been at media availabilities as well as on sports talk shows. This will continue as San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana will conduct the official coin toss during pre game festivities on Sunday.

The NFL announced on Thursday that Montana will be joined by Bay Area legends Marcus Allen, Fred Biletnikoff, Jim Plunkett, Jerry Rice and Steve Young in the coin toss ceremony. It's not very often that so many living legends are in one location at one time and Montana is usually the least seen of the bunch. With Eddie DeBartolo Jr. being a finalist for the Hall of Fame and the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl near by, he's been more visible, from commercials to interviews.

As long it's not awkward like his handshake with Steve Young in the Bo Jackson AT&T commercial, I'm sure Montana's coin toss will be a success.