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Michael Crabtree hopes Colin Kaepernick 'gets better, and I hope he get in those books, and watch that film, and know what he doing out there'

Welp, Michael Crabtree had some things to say about Colin Kaepernick.

Michael Crabtree is in town for the Super Bowl, and is making the rounds of the media. He made an appearance on Jason Whitlock's FOX show, and got a question about Colin Kaepernick. It was an odd, but possibly predictable sequence. Whitlock asked him about Kap, and Crabtree immediately started talking about Derek Carr with a little smile on his face.

Jason McIntyre from The Big Lead was there as well and managed to get him to at least acknowledge the subject of Kaepernick and his time with the 49ers. You can watch the video below, but he said he hopes Kap, "can get in those books, watch that film, and know what he doing out there."

People will imply what they want from that. Maybe he thinks Kap wasn't studying film, or maybe he's saying he just needs to continue that to get back on the right track. I don't know. They also cut it off right at the end of that line with Whitlock yelling some nonsense. It's meant in part to suck people in, so congrats FOX Sports 1.

Crabtree also said he still talks to some of his ex-teammates, saying "the guys that I was cool with." When asked if he talks to Kap, he said he has not spoken with Kap since he finished his time with the 49ers.

It's interesting they haven't spoken, because it's my understanding that one reason Kap accepted a lower signing bonus was so that the team would spend money to re-sign Crabtree, among others. I have no idea what kind of relationship they had in that 2014 season following Kap's extension, so make of it what you will.