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What do you think was the worst 49ers play of the year?

Was it a Vance McDonald drop? Was it a Jordan Devey whiff? It was probably a Jordan Devey whiff.

Earlier today, I asked you what you would consider the best play for the San Francisco 49ers in 2015-16. There were plenty to choose from, even if the season went down the crapper real fast. Jim Tomsula is out, Chip Kelly is in and none of us know what the future holds.

If you ask me, I'll tell you that we're all doomed, but that's kind of my thing. I want to pass the time with some fun, when I can, and I've decided to run a little competition to determine the best and worst plays of the 49ers season. Best plays could include a great block, a nice touchdown, a good interception or an awesome show of force. Anything like that.

Funny folks in the comments of the post about good plays suggested the final play of the season was the best and its hard to argue. But now I'm looking for the worst of the worst. Show me the 49ers at their ugliest, and I promise you, it was plenty, plenty ugly.

Vance McDonald drops, Vernon Davis routes, Eric Reid's missed tackles, Colin Kaepernick's complete inability to play the quarterback position and, of course, the high level, top-shelf play of ace guard Jordan Devey. These are all examples of things that went horribly wrong last season, and what I need from you lot is some specific examples. Times, dates, etc. I want to know what you thought was the worst.

Then I'll go back, make a GIF of the hilarious awfulness, and bring them back to you fine lot to vote on. Sounds like fun, right? Bask in the misery with me!