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Public transit beats McLaren 570S in race from San Francisco to Santa Clara

This might be my new favorite thing to come out of this week. Well, short of me getting to meet Grumpy Cat the other day! SB Nation has a small crew of folks in the Bay Area for the Super Bowl, and they've been getting all around the area for various stories.

One of the more notable stories is the fact that the Super Bowl is being played 45 miles away from the "host city". People will be using various modes of transportation to get down to Santa Clara, and so SB Nation had four people race down there.  Susannah Collins, Spencer Hall, Matt Ufford, and Seth Rosenthal each picked a different option, and the first to get down would win. Susannah went by boat, Matt by bicycle, Seth by public transit, and Spencer by McLaren 570S.

The video above shows their journey, and is very much worth a view when you get a second. As a proud user of public transportation, I am pleased that Seth won this one with relative ease!