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Josh Norman clearly going to the 49ers or Raiders in free agency

We might as well end the suspense early, right? Josh Norman is down in the South Bay preparing with the Carolina Panthers for Super Bowl 50. There has been media availability throughout the week, which means eventually players are going to run out of things to say. At one point, the discussion got to the Bay Area and how players are enjoying it. Norman clearly loves the area.

It is not exactly a shocking development. The Bay Area has fantastic weather, and great views. It's a nice little home-field advantage for pitching free agents. And with Josh Norman likely entering free agency this offseason, there will be some serious pitches all around the league. Norman had a fantastic season, and there is a good chance the Panthers will place the franchise tag on him if they cannot work out a new contract. But if they do not, there will be serious bidding.

I don't expect the San Francisco 49ers to get involved in that, but it will be interesting to see just how many teams get in on the action.