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Golden Nuggets: The eve of Super Bowl 50

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, February 6th 2016

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Good morning, everyone! One more day until we get to see how Levi's stadium fares in the Super Bowl. A lot of things came in as far as news, most of it amusing.

But the one thing that's serious is Eddie DeBartolo's fourth ballot to get into the NFL Hall of Fame and it's happening today.  At this point, not letting in one of the greatest owners of all time, given other inductions under the contributor nominee, just speaks either arrogance, ignorance or both. What? You're going to hold an extortion scandal that was more of a mistake than anything else over his head? Fine. He lost his team, they aren't exactly doing the greatest right now, and we haven't heard a peep since, I'd say he suffered enough. If you're going to let others in ignoring past mistakes that aren't exactly favorable by the media, not letting DeBartolo in because of a scandal is ridiculous. Plus he's been nominated four times. Bump someone else for a year if it comes down to it. I don't care, stop torturing the guy.

Let the him in already.

Let's get to the links:

Eddie DeBartolo, Terrell Owens take different paths to Hall vote (ESPN)

Mike Nolan wanted to rejoin 49ers under Chip Kelly (Maiocco)

Roger Craig's Super Bowl Minute: On being introduced at the Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh: Colin Kaepernick will flourish (Alper)

A similar article to the above, but an interesting take. Harbaugh disappointed 49ers leaks preceded Kaepernick’s benching (Barrows)

NFL Honors show to throw spotlight on Anquan Boldin, 49ers (Barrows)

What to do with Super Bowl tickets? 49ers tackle Joe Staley gave his away (Dan Brown)

Impending free agent playing in Super Bowl 50 loves Bay Area

Terrell Owens finally gets some love from ex-49ers (Carl Steward)

Super Bowl Related:

Jim Harbaugh hits Super Bowl radio row to talk ... toothpaste? (Barrows)

We had an article on this earlier, but I'm putting it in in case you didn't read it, it's a great read. Joe Montana at 59: 'I can't really run or do much'

Public knows more about NFL than Goodell is comfortable with (Ratto)

Hot ticket: Super Bowl 50 prices higher than ever

Traits Montana values when evaluating NFL quarterbacks

What a horrible night to have a curse...