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Joe Staley makes one less fortunate family's dream come true

A simple gesture by the 49ers offensive tackle became the event of a lifetime for a fan.

Colin Kaepernick has Camp Taylor, Anquan Boldin has the Q81 foundation, and Joe Staley? He just ventures out and looks for good people to give things to.

A story by Daniel Brown came out on Friday describing an adventure of the curious San Francisco 49ers tackle. He had a pair of Super Bowl tickets, but rather than use them himself, he decided to find a stranger "in need of a break in life". He asked friends and eventually selected Johnel Spivey, a single father from Santa Clara.

Spivey has a daughter that he raises on his own. That doesn't stop Spivey who, despite suffering a heart attack and going on dialysis 3 days a week (believe me, dialysis sucks), raises his seven year old daughter, Jordan the best he can, even braiding her hair before school.

This guy, Spivey is a man's man. The dude came out of surgery and refused pain medication because he wanted to not have anything stand in the way of caring for his daughter.

Staley showed up at Spivey's daughter's school after a phone call and handed off his Super Bowl tickets for him and his daughter, an autographed jersey, and did a photo op. Spivey just got the best gift of his life.

But the best gift of all is seeing his daughter learn the same selfless acts that he instilled in her. Jordan urged him to take his girlfriend, Patricia Wheeler instead of her. It will be fine, Staley already told Jordan that she's welcome on the 49ers practice field when things get going again.

Give the article a read, it's really a heartwarming tale about how Staley did a simple gesture that took a couple hours, but made a family's life eternally better. Some things that are easily obtained and taken for granted by some, can be absolute treasures by others less fortunate.