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Super Bowl picks 2016: From NN writers, SB Nation ESPN, CBS Sports and more

We've got all sorts of picks and predictions to get you ready for Super Bowl 50!

Super Bowl 50 is less than 24 hours away! The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will kick off at 3:35 p.m. PT from Levi's Stadium, with the Lombardi Trophy up for grabs. The Panthers are 5.5-point favorites, but they are favored by most people. The spread is not the biggest in NFL history by a long shot, but the public is betting heavy on the Panthers. Over 70 percent of public money has been bet on the Panthers.

I compiled some picks from around the Internet, as well as picks from the Niners Nation writers. It should surprise nobody that people are high on the Panthers. We went with final score predictions at NN. I picked the biggest Panthers win, while Mark Saltveit picked the smallest. We have three people picking the Broncos, all by a touchdown or less.

The various media picks focus primarily on the Panthers. ESPN had the most Broncos picks, with five of their 14 personalities going with Denver. The Broncos can spring the upset on Sunday, but they will need both a strong defensive effort, and a decent effort from the offense. If Peyton Manning and the offense struggle, they will need a Herculean effort from their defense. It is certainly possible for the top-ranked defense in the NFL, but it is a serious up-hill climb.

SB Nation: 6 of 8 pick Panthers
ESPN: 9 of 14 pick Panthers
CBS Sports: 5 of 8 pick Panthers
FOX Sports: 6 of 8 pick Panthers 18 of 20 pick Panthers
USA Today: 5 of 7 pick Panthers

User Winner Loser
Oscar Aparicio Panthers 23 Broncos 17
Joel Reyes Panthers 31 Broncos 17
Jennifer Chan Panthers 28 Broncos 17
Socalisteph Broncos 19 Panthers 14
$20 on Joe vs. Dan Broncos 17 Panthers 10
David Neumann Panthers 23 Broncos 16
Billy Kerr Panthers 27 Broncos 24
Elpato Broncos 20 Panthers 14
ak4niner Panthers 27 Broncos 24
General Patton Panthers 34 Broncos 24
El Shorts Panthers 27 Broncos 24
Mark Saltveit Panthers 7 Broncos 6
David Fucillo Panthers 34 Broncos 13